Christmas Puddings

Bread Crumbs
Mixed Fruit
Brown Sugar
Grated apple and carrot
Lemon Juice
Mixes Spices

At Jinnys we add noting but the freshest ingredients into all our cakes and puddings. Our homemade Christmas Pudding is best eaten hot or cold and served with brandy butter, fresh cream, custard or caster sugar.

There are many superstitions and traditions surrounding the Christmas Pudding. Some traditions say to make the pudding by the 25th Sunday after Trinity, with 13 ingredients to represent Christ and his Disciples. Every member of the family is to take a turn stirring the pudding with a wooden spoon from east to west, in honour of the 3 kings.

It is said that the brandy flame represents Christs passion. A sprig of holly as a garnish is a reminder of his "Crown of Thorns". Some families add coins to the pudding for luck.

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